Take a boat together!

In season, every sunday we welcome royal resort’s Birštonas guests and citizens to boat trips. Boat captain will be waiting You at the end of Pušyno street, in an old Bištonas dock. Boating is organised at 3 PM. This trip takes an hour, till 4 PM. During this trip You will be able to relax, have a rest and to discover great views of the landscape, unique nature and it’s fauna and flora. The ship will turn around near the tributary of the river “Verknė”. There is memorial of nature – Kongomeratian rock, for others better known as “Ožkų pečius” (“Goat furnace”). It is one of the most beautiful view, which you can see on boat trip.


Boat has two floors. The first floor has a hall with a bar placing up to fifty people and sanitary room for demands of guests. In the second floor there are six double cabins and a big one at the end of the boat where up to 4 people can lie back during a trip.

Boat has two outdoor decks where You may have a wonderful time while admiring the riverbanks of Nemunas, impressive precipices, wild nature with its animals and birds.

These boat trips are organised during all cruise season.  We invite You to take a boat even on severe autumn Sunday.


Surprise Your event guests by ordering a boating on any week day. Let them to admire wonderful Birštonas nature, which is irreplaceable background to record Your memorable moments! We choose boating route and stoppings for every private booking individually. We agree about boating time with person individually. Also You are always welcome to order cold and hot dishes from our restaurant’s “Sonata” and “Seklytele” menu while boating. You should make these orders a few days before boating. Order is delivered to the boat.

We wish you a pleasant trip and wonderful feelings!