We  offer routes only for private bookings. A new route is being generated for new booking. Customers always can suggest their routes. Such boat trips depends on customers wishes, how long they want to boat, how many stops they want to have and etc. Some clients take only one hour of boating and then stops for two hours at a special place. Others take four hours trip without stops.
Also you are always welcome to  order cold and hot dishes from our restaurant’s „Sonata“ and „Seklytele“ menu while boating. You should make these orders a few days before boating.

In season, every sunday we welcome royal resort’s Birštonas guests and citizens to boat trips. Such boat trips are organised at 3 PM. This trip takes an hour, till 4PM. Everyone is welcome to come to the old dock, at the end of Pušyno street in Birštonas and have a nice boat trip. Captain will be waiting you from 2PM till 3 PM. Please do not be late, because on 3PM the ship is leaving. During this trip you will be abble to relax, have a rest and to discover great views of the landscape, unique nature and it’s fauna and flora.
The ship will turn around near the tributary of the river „Verknė“. There is memorial of nature – Kongomeratian rock, for others better known as „Ožkų pečius“ („Goat furnace“). Then the ship will take you to the place where the trip has started.

These boat trips are organised during all cruise season. We invite You take pleasure-boat even on severe autumn Sunday. Do not worry, boat inside is heating up, so You will not be frozen.

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