Welcom to Seklytėlė!

Restaurant  Birštono “Seklytėlė“ is located in special place – in Nemunas loops regional park, by path which leads to spectacular 33 metres high and more than halv kilometre lasting the Exposure of Škėvonysprie. This is unique nature build, which shows geologic past.

You are very welcome at our restaurant “Seklytėlė” on the riverbanks with pine trees all around, by the precipice of the blue waters of river Nemunas where you may catch a feeling of nature closeness and peace and have very tasty dinner or supper. We invite You to celebrate all important Your events at our 80 places restaurant or banquet hall with yard and spectacular view to Nemunas. Restaurant is located in special place, where You can relax and admire the nature and feel peace, wich attract everyone to come back…

On warm season You can have dinner or just take a cup of coffee at our spacious 50 places terrace with fireplace. While being in terrace You can see wonderful view to meander of Nemunas. Nature, pure air and amazing view will help You to relax from city noise.